How to Be a Grown Up logo

How To Be a Grown Up

How To Be a Grown Up is a hilarious take on the relatable trials and tribulations of true adulthood. With outrageous talent like Tiffany Haddish, John

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Hair Jacked logo

Hair Jacked

Hair Jacked is a hilarious hidden camera game show where host Jon Gabrus and his gang of accomplices take over a real working hair salon. They then proceed to

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Foxy & Co cast

Foxy & Co

Foxy & Co documents popular former Face Off contestants Eric Fox, Roy Wooley, RJ Haddy and Nicole Chilelli as they join forces to open their own special FX

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Hot Set logo

Hot Set

Hot Set is a creative competition featuring two Hollywood production designers and their teams who compete in an extreme design challenge to create original film-ready sets

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Late Night Liars logo

Late Night Liars

Late Night Liars is an outrageous comedy-based game show produced in partnership with The Jim Henson Company. In each episode, two hapless human contestants face off

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Marcel's Quantum Kitchen Logo

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen is the fascinating follow-doc series featuring notorious chef Marcel Vigneron as he launches a catering company specializing in out-of-this-world molecular gastronomy menus showcased

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WCG Ultimate Gamer logo

WCG Ultimate Gamer

WCG Ultimate Gamer is the exciting elimination-style reality series featuring a diverse group of top gamers who are tested in real-life challenges inspired by best-selling game

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