First and Last

Gritty, raw and poignant, First and Last is the critically-acclaimed Netflix docuseries that tells the stories of inmates during the first or last hours of their incarceration. From a first-time arrestee’s terrifying fear to the anxiety of a repeat offender about to be released, our cameras capture every intense and unexpected human moment from the perspective of the inmates themselves.

“Equal parts addictive and thought-provoking” – The Daily Dot

“As emotionally charged as you would see in an Oscar-winning film.”  – The Daily Dot

“Few shows provide better insight into the American criminal justice system.” – Pop Sugar

“Deeply human” – Buzzfeed

“Eye-opening” –

“First and Last drew me in—and forced me to think critically about an American justice system that can feel woefully unjust.” –

“Fascinating” –

“Expert storytelling and raw emotional interviews.” – The Diamondback

“First and Last breaks prison stereotypes.”  – “The Diamondback


Dwight D. Smith

Michael Agbabian

Craig D’Entrone

Dan Bowen

JC Begley