WCG Ultimate Gamer

WCG Ultimate Gamer is the exciting elimination-style reality series featuring a diverse group of top gamers who are tested in real-life challenges inspired by best-selling game titles, compete in video games themselves and ultimately must avoid elimination in head-to-head battles in an arena filled with hundreds of spectators. The player who is versatile and strategic enough to best their opponents in the both the real-life and gaming worlds emerges as the Ultimate Gamer.

  • The most epic heads-up gaming event of all time. — IGN.com
  • Great, edge-of-your-seat television. — IGN.com



executive producers

  • michael agbabian
  • Dwight D. Smith

co-executive producer

  • derek atherton


  • peter ney
  • ryan polito


  • hannah simone
  • joel gourdin


  • syfy