Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen is the fascinating follow-doc series featuring notorious chef Marcel Vigneron as he launches a catering company specializing in out-of-this-world molecular gastronomy menus showcased at spectacular events. Based on client requests, Marcel and his team reinvent food in the most imaginative and unexpected ways possible including futuristic flying pizzas, flaming prawns, edible maps and smoking deserts.

  • A dynamic hour of television. — Washington Post
  • Syfy succeeds with ‘Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen.’ — Washington Post
  • Like ‘Entourage’ with foam. — TV Guide



executive producers

  • michael agbabian
  • dwight d. smith
  • andrew scheer
  • dana leiken

supervising producer

  • brynn wexler


  • nick murray


  • marcel vigneron
  • devon espinosa
  • jarrid masse
  • robyn wilson


  • syfy