Late Night Liars

Late Night Liars is an outrageous comedy-based game show produced in partnership with The Jim Henson Company. In each episode, two hapless human contestants face off against a panel of four celebrity puppets who are half-sauced and telling half-truths. Unquestionably adult and irreverent, Late Night Liars is a riotous comedic panel game show in the grand tradition of Match Game, Hollywood Squares and To Tell the Truth.

  • There‚Äôs no game show around right now as funny, sharp and entertaining as Late Night Liars. —
  • Laugh-out-loud funny. —


executive producers

  • dwight d. smith
  • michael agbabian
  • lisa henson

supervising producer

  • allyson smith


  • lenn goodside


  • larry miller


  • GSN