Hot Set

Hot Set is a creative competition featuring two Hollywood production designers and their teams who compete in an extreme design challenge to create original film-ready sets inspired by the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. From an alien queen’s throne room to a super villain’s lair, the production designers must put their final creations to the test in a filmed scene before the judges render their verdict.

  • Refreshing – The Hollywood Reporter
  • Syfy’s competition series, from the production company behind ‘Face Off,’ gives a fun look behind the scenes at how science fiction, fantasy and horror genre movie sets are constructed. – The Hollywood Reporter



executive producers

  • michael agbabian
  • dwight d. smith
  • aliyah silverstein

supervising producer

  • jessica reynolds


  • steve hryniewicz
  • michael mcNamara


  • ben mankiewicz


  • curt beech
  • lily kilvert
  • barry robison


  • syfy