First and Last

Gritty, raw and poignant, First and Last is the critically-acclaimed Netflix docuseries that tells the stories of inmates during the first or last hours of their incarceration. From a first-time arrestee’s terrifying fear to the anxiety of a repeat offender about to be released, our cameras capture every intense and unexpected human moment.  This compelling examination of the jail experience comes from the perspective of the inmates themselves.


“Equal parts addictive and thought-provoking” – The Daily Dot

“As emotionally charged as you would see in an Oscar-winning film.”  – The Daily Dot

“Eye-opening” –

“First and Last drew me in—and forced me to think critically about an American justice system that can feel woefully unjust.” –

“Fascinating” –

“Expert storytelling and raw emotional interviews.” – The Diamondback

“First and Last breaks prison stereotypes.”  – “The Diamondback






  • Dwight D. Smith
  • Michael Agbabian
  • Craig D'Entrone
  • Dan Bowen
  • JC Begley